The Art of Hand Painted Textiles

Jan - Feb, 2020

Pierre Legrand

Born in Paris, an engineer by training, Pierre Legrand's artistic journey began after coming to India in 1968. Starting from a need to send letters to the unknown, a spiritual quest that required repetition and a script, led Legrand to the invention of a coded script. The script became his artistic DNA, morphing over the years via a wide variety of support, through 'unfolding books', line drawing 'canvases', maps, networks and multi-dot membranes, as well as reliefs, sculptures and public art installations such as Light Matter. Increasingly, his work was marked by light, lightness, porosity and transparence that blur the boundaries between the human being, the soul and the environment. His work has been shown at the India Art Fair. He lives and works in Auroville.

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Light Matter, Untitled 1-6


175 x 236cm